Onam Festival

Location : Kerala , India

This is a joyous harvest festival celebrated  across Kerala by it’s people, irrespective of their religious background. This is a 10 day long festival celebrated during the month of August and September in honor of Mahabali, a beloved mythical king who once ruled Kerala. It is believed that the people were prosperous and contented during his reign enjoying a peaceful and harmonious life. Onam, essentially is a time to reconnect with that glorious past.

The festivities feature artistic flower arrangements at homes and offices, called ‘Pookalam’, a variety of traditional dances like Kathakali, folk dances, ‘Uthrattathi’ boat races (Vallam Kali), Pulikali etc.

One of the highlights of the celebration is the sumptuous feast called ‘Sadhya’, featuring a variety of vegetarian dishes served on banana leaves.

Onam represents the cultural heritage based on happy memories of a prosperous nostalgic past, unity and the spirit of Kerala.The Thrikkakara temple at Kochi, Kerala has great significance during Onam. This ancient temple is believed to be the sacred abode of king Mahabali. His return during the Onam season is celebrated at the temple grounds with a variety of festivities, cultural events and devotional rituals. The temple hosts procession, music concerts, fireworks along with caparisoned elephant procession and the ever popular Sadhya (vegetarian feast) during this festive period.