Herping Photography Tours

Location : Munnar, Kerala

Munnar Wildlife and Herping Tour by Augustin.

At an altitude of 5200 ft. above sea level nestled in the Western Ghats’ Rain Forests of Kerala, South India, Munnar is a haven and habitat to myriad Flora and Fauna. Many are uniquely endemic to the region and found no where else on Earth.

If you are a professional photographer, aspiring to be one or even just a passionate photographer interested in spotting and photographing endemic and endangered species of the Western Ghats, you should look into our Wildlife and Herping Tour Packages organized by our expert associate, Augustin.

Salient Features:

• This is an expertly organized, guided Wildlife spotting and Photographing adventure into the deep Rainforests surrounding Munnar during the Monsoon season of Kerala.

• The ideal time is June, July, August, September, October and November months. During this period you get to see and photograph a wide variety of endemic species in this region.

• Enjoy and learn from the thrilling guided night expedition. The walks are not strenuous.

• If you are an aspiring photographer, this can be an excellent opportunity to learn and improve your photographic skills and habitat study.

• We call it ‘The Macro Wildlife Expedition’ to see and take pictures of the endemic and endangered species of Frogs, Snakes and insects. You get to enjoy the Monsoon as well.