Homestays and Farmhouses

We have identified Home stays and Farmhouses where you can get authentic experiences about the culture and traditional cuisines of the local heritage. Here you can also get local culinary lessons on the food you experience, close interaction with local families, their values, family history and the functioning of their farms.

You also experience authentic hospitality values, phrased in Sanskrit as “Adhiti Devo Bhava” (the guest is equivalent to God); true to the old cultural and philosophical belief in India that guests should be treated with utmost respect and hospitality, akin to treating them as divine visitors. This concept emphasises the importance of welcoming and honouring guests in one’s home or community.

Homestays and Farmhouses have multiple advantages when exploring a different culture or country. You will receive a first hand knowledge in  authentic local living, local cuisine and traditional domestic practices. Moreover, you will be able to indulge in a genuinely personalised and immersive cultural experience. These accommodations always provide a peace filled environment, exposing the natural beauty and unique characteristics of the locality. Please take a glimpse into a couple of our most popular Homestays.

Philipkutty’s Farmhouse

This Farmhouse is an epitome of peace, hospitality and exquisite home cooked food experience. Pure unending joy begin to flourish from the time you board a county boat (locally known as ‘Vallom’) to reach the island with independent waterfront villas. You are greeted at the boat dock with love and warm smiles by the close knit family; Anu, Aniamma, Philip and Anya. This family-run organic farm is surrounded by water. Located close to Kumarakom, on an island with long elevated pathways and beautiful canals in the backwaters of Kerala. There is a fish farm, plenty of coconut palms and a communal dining area. The host family cooks veg and non veg food daily. Early morning breakfast using farm sourced ingredients is truly a gastronomic delight.

The staff are family-like, cuisines are superb, hospitality and prompt service are soothingly pampering. Total privacy is assured as these amazingly clean and hygienically maintained waterfront villas are completely detached from the family residence. To top it all, the family only uses sustainable organic methods of farming. The farm is spacious. So you can walk around, learn, explore and indulge in scenic beauty. Keep your camera handy. There are plenty of precious visuals to record.Mundackal Plantation Homestay

This fabulous Homestay is located on a 104-acre plantation at Kothamangalam, Kerala. It is a spacious, classy, fully equipped 5 bedroom Homestay facility. This is run by hosts Jose and his wife Daisy. Needless to say; they are popularly accepted and revered as warm, courteous, exemplary hosts. Daisy’s passion is cooking and hospitality. She never ever gets tired of entertaining her guests with her patient cookery demonstrations. This property is kid-friendly.

Mundackal Plantation Homestay is perhaps one of the most spacious Homestays in Kerala. There is an abundance of trees and lush tropical vegetation. Plantation has rubber, coconut, coco, bananas and a variety of tropical spices. Time spent here will certainly rejuvenate your mind and body by being one with the nature. Besides, the unique family atmosphere is quite therapeutic. Early mornings are great for birdwatching at the landscaped gardens around the house. This property is blessed with a constant cool, gentle breeze. Jose will show you how to flatten the fermented rubber milk from rubber trees and made into rectangular rubber sheets, before they are taken to the smoke house for final drying and curing. This homestay is an ideal base from which to visit the Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary. It is 12 Kms away. For such outside visits during early mornings,  Daisy will make sure that you get a packed breakfast to carry with you. Overall, this Homestay experience is value embedded and something that will remain with you forever as pleasant memories.