Guide services

Travelcart has a team of knowledgeable professionals as your guide or escort, throughout your tour in all tourist destinations. These are local people with in-depth knowledge on the culture, history and the intricate nuances of the local community. We also have guides who can speak different languages of the world, like French, Italian, Spanish, German, Arabic, English etc.

If you are a Wildlife, Landscape or a serious professional photographer, we can assist you with your special requirements. We help you with obtaining government permission to access restricted areas and photography permissions; wherever legally allowed.

We make your photography expedition well-organized and safe. This includes knowledgeable guides, access to prime photography locations and consideration for ethical wildlife interactions. We realize that you may value small group sizes, comfortable accommodations and flexibility in the itinerary to maximize photographic opportunities. We also understand that for a successful photography tour, you need clear communication about logistics, any potential challenges and prompt assistance to tackle unforeseen circumstances. Bird photographers usually require ‘perches’, often referred to as ‘birding setups’ or ‘photography setups’ to capture images of birds in a more controlled environment. We can arrange local help in such cases. We can also assist with sourcing rental photography accessories in case the need arise.