Culinary experiences

We will provide you with special culinary coaching, conducted by experts in different communities. We have associations with well known food experts and chefs. These are designed to provide great learning and leisure experiences. This is a great opportunity for you to receive special coaching conducted by local food experts from different communities. This should give you insights and taste sampling from a wide variety of traditional cuisines.

Culinary workshops also help with cultural immersion and an overview of local traditions. India is so diverse and thereby it’s culinary expressions vary much from region to region. In essence, culinary interactions give you a chance to savour the regional specialities, as well as compare and contrast the distinct flavours of the different regions.Street FoodFor any food enthusiast, this is highly recommended as a ‘must experience food treat’. You won’t be disappointed!Travelcart has special expertise in organising street food in different cities or towns in India. Street food is a reflection of the culinary expressions of the different regions in it’s truly authentic form. For a number of years, Travelcart has been opening such unique food kiosks for its guests. This has been very popular among our guests.