This is a meditation that originated from ancient Buddhist practices. Vipassana means insight or clean understanding. In the context of wellness, Vipassana meditation can achieve mindfulness, awareness and insight into the nature of the mind and body.This practice can help control thoughts, sensations, emotions and bodily experiences without judgement or attachment. Eventually a deeper understanding of themselves and their experiences can be attained.

Regular practice of Vipassana helps individuals to identify the impermanent nature of all phenomena, including emotions, thoughts and even bodily sensations. Eventually it enables the sense of detachment or an ideal balance of thoughts and emotions.Practitioners learn to downplay strong emotions as temporary state of mind and allows greater emotional stability. Vipassana practice reduces stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms. Activates a greater sense of calmness and inner peace. Practitioners learn to master the skill of ignoring unwanted bodily sensations. This helps the individual to break episodes of craving and aversion.Individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their patterns of behavior and their relationships with others. This can bring about an escalation in self awareness that can make positive changes in habits, attitudes and outlook on life.In essence, Vipassana practice improves mindfulness, awareness and greater insight that activates an increased sense of well-being and personal enhancement.