This French colonial settlement is a unique union territory in India with charming characteristics. Its architecture, culture and cuisines are quite different. It has a diverse population that includes French, Tamil and other ethnic groups, giving it a vibrant cultural blend. The food is delightful, influenced by Tamil, French and other regional cuisines.The attractions are: Auroville, beaches, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Boulevard town planning, cultural events, Aurobindo Handmade Paper Factory and Auroville Earth Institute.AUROVILLEAuroville is a township in the state of Tamilnadu, near the city of Pondicherry. This township was envisioned as a noble experiment to practically bring about human unity in diversity by Mirra Alfassa   in 1968. She is known as “the mother”. It was designed by the famous architect Roger Anger. Mirra Alfassa had the foresight to see Auroville as a universal township where people from varied cultures and backgrounds can live and prosper in peace and harmony. Her major focus was on human unity and environmental sustainability.

It has a special golden spherical meditation center along with many other living initiatives that nurture sustainability. This township has around 235 productive enterprises that benefit the inhabitants of the nearby villages. It is estimated that over 5000 families make a living through such enterprises.It also is home to over 3350 people hailing from 60 nations. The township has 4 zones; Industrial, International, Cultural and Residential. It even has a waste recycling system in place.Here they have the Deepam School targeted for children with special needs. It is located at Kuilapalayam, Auroville, Tamil Nadu. It is a charitable project to benefit children with special needs, residing in and around the surrounding villages. • Volunteers can get fully involved.Buddha GardenInterestingly, you can volunteer with one of the initiatives at Auroville. It is a 100% organic farm. Here they make their own compost, pest control etc.  Volunteers can get work here while getting introduced to  sustainable farming practices. Hours are from 6:15 am to 9 am. They offer simple, basic accommodation for volunteers at Rs.200* a day.Sadhana ForestThis volunteer program focuses on reforestation on barren land. Since it is located deep in the forest zone, volunteers need to stay there. They charge only Rs. 9500* for a month’s stay. This will entitle you to basic accommodation and food.Things to do:  Matrimandir visit.• This is one of the main attractions of Auroville. It is a dome shaped structure. The inside decor theme is White. Pillars, carpets, walls, ceiling, , cushions; all are white. This place is absolutely stunning.visitors’ CenterThere are plenty of learning materials, exhibitions, videos and displays on Auroville. You also have a chance to buy local handicrafts here.Auroville BakeryYou can get snacks, pastries and organic bread here. Very popular place among tourists.Local eventsThere are many activities that you can participate in at Auroville.Town hall screens foreign movies. Sadhana Forest screens Eco movies. Then you have Pizza nights, public discussions on Auroville, Pottery classes, Yoga classes,  Short term volunteering at schools, dance and language classes etc.Auroville BeachThe coast of the township has beaches with golden and black sand.Auroville Botanical GardensEstablished to revive the disappearing tropical forest of the Tamilnadu Coromandel Coast.Auroville papersThus is a simple, old fashioned factory for paper production, using traditional man operated machinery.How to get aroundThe easy convenient way to get around Auroville township is by Motorbike or Bicycle.This serene township has been endorsed by UNESCO in 1966, 1968, 1970 and 1983 resolutions.* the rupee figures shown as service fees at Buddha Garden and Sadhana Forest may change based on Auroville management’s decision. The figures shown are based on the current information available to us pertaining to the tariff.