This is truly an Architectural miracle crafted by Hoysala Dynasty and it has been attracting visitors from around the globe for years. The temples have intricate cravings of scenes from Hindu mythology as well as birds and animals.

The main temple stands on a platform shaped as a star; not found in any other Indian temples.


BELUR – The Chennakesava Temple is a masterpiece with detailed sculptures, lathe-turned pillars and decorative friezes.

HALEBID – The Hoysaleswara Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva has wall carvings, scenes from Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhagavatha Purana. All sculptures are finely crafted with amazing detailing. Even the ceiling has designs and motifs. The temples have open space for gatherings and ceremonies.

It has intricately designed channels for collecting rainwater. Shows their capability for water management. This is a place one must visit. A place that can stay in your memory for a lifetime.